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What is Perfex CRM?

Perfex CRM is a comprehensive customized CRM software for all types of businesses. It includes everything from custom CRM to CRM mobile app, custom module development, and integrations with third party apps.

Can I use Perfex CRM on Localhost Installation without access to internet?

Yes, you can benefit from Perfex CRM without internet on localhost installation.

Can I Use Perfex CRM with Cloudflare?

Yes, Cloudflare can be used with Perfex CRM if you have disabled the ‘rocket loader’ feature of Cloudflare. Besides, don’t forget to clear your Cloudflare cache with every update.

Can I use Perfex CRM as a SaaS application?

No, Perfex CRM cannot act as a SaaS application. It can be used to bill just one client at a time.

Does Perfex CRM provide Customized CRM solutions?

Yes, we provide tailor made CRM software. Besides, you can even get the pre-built modules customized according to your needs.

Where can I put my questions about Perfex CRM?

Our customer care team is keen to help you about anything and everything. Send your queries at You can start a support ticket directly at

What are the server requirements for using Perfex CRM?

PHP 7.4+

MySQL 5.1+

Mod_rewrite Apache

MySQLi PHP Extension

PDO PHP Extension

cURL PHP Extension

OpenSSL PHP Extension

MBString PHP Extension

Iconv PHP Extension

IMAP PHP Extension

GD PHP Extension

Zip PHP Extension

Allow_url_fopen enabled

Can Perfex CRM be translated?

Yes, it can be translated in your desired language just by following the documentation instructions.

How can I report a bug?

Our customers can report bug by opening a support ticket at However, if yours ticket has expired or you can no longer access it, report the bug directly on You can even send us a bug report for the demo.

Have any other question?

Let us know if you have any other question regarding Perfex CRM development, customization or 3rd party integrations, we will be happy to help. Contact US!