Let your Perfex CRM be a safe haven for your valuable data
from all the business apps you are using.
Perfex CRM Integrations
perfex CRM App Integration

Connect perfex crm
with any third-party apps

Considering the fact that businesses make use of innumerable apps for their workflow, switching between these apps can be a real nuisance. Perfex Integration feature saves you of this pain. You can easily integrate all your activity from other apps to your Perfex CRM platform.

  • Easily switch between the data from apps when all of them are available at one place
  • Get notified whenever you have an activity on any of those third-party apps
  • Enhance your productivity because of more streamlined and organized data all at one place

Perfex CRM integration helps you stay on top of your business by making all your data and activity available at one place.

Endless Integration Possibilities

Whether it is any communication app or the payment processing app, Perfex CRM allows integrations with as many types of apps as you may think.
  • Fully integrate your data from all apps at one place
  • Let Perfex CRM make intelligent use of the data and keep you updated about every single activity on any of these apps.
  • Perfex allows integrations from limitless apps and from all categories of apps
With Perfex CRM all your data is safe and secure. You can make use of this platform and stay tuned to every aspect of your business whether it is finances or communication.
My Perfex CRM Integration


Accounting Software


Perfex helps you sync your voluminous financial data from Xero in no time.


Easily sync all your invoices, records, and products between QuickBooks and Perfex CRM.


Reach your customers efficiently with all your SMS, WhatsApp, Call, and E-mail data organized at one place.

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Payment Gateways


Import the transactions data of online purchases accepted through 2co into your Perfex CRM software.


The records of the payments made or received through PayPal can be imported into Perfex CRM software.

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Stripe ACH

Fully integrate the data of ACH payments made by customers using Stripe into your CRM system.


Email Marketing 


Access and import your contacts from Mailchimp and sync your leads for effective email marketing.


Send and receive emails, create contacts or edit them in Perfex with the help of an additional bar in your Gmail inbox.

Microsoft Outlook

Perfex can be fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook to sync your contacts and leads for effective marketing.

Office 365

Lets take email marketing to the next level with fully synced and auto-updated data between Office 365 and Perfex CRM.


Ecommerce Integration


Let your order details , invoices, and contacts be effortlessly transferred to Wecommerce.


Transfer your products data and contacts from Magneto to Perfex.


Completely integrate your online store Magneto by importing all the useful data to the Perfex CRM.


Import all data including your products, invoices and contacts from Bigcommerce to Perfex CRM.




Integration between DocuSign and Perfex allows you to transfer your docs from Perfex to get them digitally signed through DocuSign.

Zoho Sign

Get your documents from Perfex be electronically signed from Zoho Sign.

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File Storage

Google Drive

Store and retrieve a your important documents from Perfex in the Google Drive.


Easy sharing and storage of data between Dropbox and Perfex CRM.


Move and store files and documents between Perfex and OneDrive.

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Send and receive messages to the customers or to your team or answer the queries from customers.


Move forward with a compelling social media marketing campaign through the Facebook page for your company.


Use LinkedIn to import or edit contacts in your Perfex CRM. Capture LinkedIn leads directly with Perfex CRM.

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Zoom Meeting

Schedule meetings with your contacts and share the zoom link.

Microsoft teams

Stay connected with your clients and employees by inviting them to meetings through a link to Microsoft Teams.

Google Meet

Hold meetings on the go and keep your business rolling by inviting your team to meetings and video calls.

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Other Integration Platforms

Zapier Integration

Create records or transfer data between Perfex and innumerable other apps making use of Zapier.


Make communication a fun experience for your customers. Send messages, make calls, or respond to issues with Twilio.


Use it to make calls to your contacts in Perfex CRM. You can even record the calls and hear them again later.


Transfer your contacts to Asterisk and communicate with them the way you like.