Xero Module

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With the Perfex CRM Xero plugin, all your accounting needs are met at one place. Import data from your Xero account seamlessly and manage your accounts with ultimate convenience.


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A closer look at Xero Module

XERO Integration module for Perfex CRM allows you to synchronize your Invoices & Payments with XERO. Here are some main features of the XERO module:

Easy integration

Just create a new XERO account and connect your Perfex CRM with XERO.

Easy Integration

Sync Invoices Instantly

You can instantly sync your paid invoices to XERO right from your invoices page.

Sync Invoice Instantly

Upload Automatically or Manually to XERO

You can select whether to upload invoices / payments Automatically OR Manually to Xero.

Xero Module Configuration
The Perfex Xero module allows you to manage invoices, import all payments related details and manage your contacts’ details from Perfex dashboard.
The Perfex CRM Xero plugin does not require any coding at all and it can be installed in a few minutes.
Enjoy the smoothly running, bugs free module which helps you stay on top of your accounting stuff
If you don’t have a Xero account, create one and integrate it with Perfex CRM and all your data will be immediately synchronized.